Jaden Smith's exploits are implorable. Having entered a partnership with his father to produce JUST, a company sworn to protect reserves by producing ethically sourced and bottled mineral water. Outside of the market share they hope to profit from, they are using the infrastructure of their company to send clean water to the citizen's of Flint, Michigan, who to this day are exposed to high levels of lead in their water supply.

Initially, JUST donated 9,200 bottles to Flint, but as of Yesterday that number Jaden has made it publicly known that those numbers steady until contamination levels are under control. TMZ caught up with Jaden in Calabasas as he and his girlfriend tried to locate their car in a parking lot. He did not seem to be in a talking mood, but that all changed once the field reporter broached the subject of Flint, Michigan's water supply. Jaden then restated his commitment to the cause, saying "we will be sending water to the schools of Flint until the lead levels subside."

The Flint Water Crisis began in 2014 after officials rerouted the city's water supply through corrosive pipes connecting to the Flint River. Since then, many of who took the decision to reroute the water, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter for their negligence on the matter. The replacement of Flint's water pipes has already begun, and will cost in the region of $100 million and will take up to an additional two years to complete.