Jaden Smith has been known to take some chances with his fashion in the past. Most notably, we've seen the artist rock skirts as part of a campaign with Louis Vuitton. He was in the headlines last year after he claimed that he was in a committed relationship with Tyler, The Creator. Jaden played the media like a harp, keeping the charade moving until it died down, but it was likely the time when he got the most publicity in his career. Between music releases, Jaden continues to keep people intrigued in his brand and his latest move involves a peculiar hairstyle.

Much like on CBS' show Big Brother, you can always expect the unexpected when it comes to Will Smith's son. The young rapper showed off an original 'do on his head at Sundance a few weeks ago, keeping his "halfro" intact until now. Basically, Smith shaved half of his head and kept the other half at full length. So, it's not exactly an afro but he's referring to it as a "halfro." 

Last year was heavy in content for Jaden Smith as he dropped a decent number of new releases. Hopefully, he keeps up the momentum this year because he can be considered one of the quickest rising acts in the industry.