After dropping his SYRE album last year, Jaden Smith took an unconventional approach in dropping his sophomore album. Though premiering an album on Instagram is a respectable move as far as artistry is concerned, the practicality of it is borderline nonexistent. Still, Jaden Smith values the importance of the statement; it's part of what seperates the son of Will from the rest of his contemporaries. 

While many appreciated the "avant-garde" spectacle of it all, those of a more pragmatic persuasion were left wondering when it might hit the familiar comforts of streaming services. Luckily, Jaden knows the importance of income diversification, and has announced his intentions to bring Syre: The Electric Album to a streaming service near you. 

The mysterious artist took to Twitter to announce a new release date: this Thursday, July 12. While it's unclear whether or not the project will land at midnight as per usual, it seems a likely possibility. Those who missed out on the unconventional drop will have a chance to digest the album in full; fan feedback already seems positive, which bodes well for Jaden. Stay tuned for Syre: The Electric Album, dropping by week's end.