Jaden Smith's been an interesting figure in the industry. Of course, he's the son of Will Smith but his own journey into film and music has been interesting to watch. He's been working for years and his debut album, Syre, proved that his career in music should be taken seriously. After a few months of digesting the project, he and TIDAL have teamed up for the exclusive "Icon Living" documentary.

TIDAL's offering fans an exclusive glimpse into the world of Jaden Smith in the "Icon Living" documentary. The TIDAL exclusive compiles footage from behind the scenes and on stage at his show at The Roxy Theatre. During the documentary, he gives a bit more insight to his recent album. "Each artist hopes for something different when they release their album. I didn't know what I was expecting," he said, "I just really wanted to let go."

Jaden Smith continues to explain not only what went behind his album but also his MSFTs collective. He says the collective consists of individuals who are looking to help ameliorate the consciousness of our world.

"Every artist that has different explanation for why they make music or why they do it. For me, MSFTs is a collective of individuals that are dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity through art and science." He said.

Shortly after releasing SYRE, Jaden already announced the follow up to the project which is set to drop this year. On top of that, he's also planning to release an accompanying movie. 

Check out the documentary below.