If you were a big fan of Jaden Smith's latest album drop SYREthen you'll be stocked to know that he's readying a deluxe acapella version of the tape that's set to drop next year. 

Not sure if listening to your favourite album in an acapella rendition will be better or worse, but there's no doubting the talent that Jaden has so it's bound to hold some good sounds. The 19-year-old shared the news to his Twitter with a video that gives us a snippet of what to expect. His captions details how the bonus offerings will come around the same time of his follow-up album, ERYS - his latest album's name spelt backwards. 

One of the last shares on Jaden was followed by another one of his tweets that read: "I Wanna Be In A Bollywood Movie." Not sure what sparked his sudden interest in jumping back into the acting lane, but a few Twitter users used his commentary to share a few movie covers with Jaden's face cropped into it. 

You can always depend on the Twitterverse for a good laugh.