Tyler, The Creator illuminated the Grammy Awards with an unorthodox performance, employing his IGOR persona and bringing dozens of lookalikes on stage with him. The 28-year-old recording artist brought home the award for Best Rap Album, a decision that he has since critiqued as he feels another category would have been more appropriate. In his acceptance speech, however, he was appreciative and gracious for the opportunity to get up on stage and address his fans, noting that it was probably one of the only times he would get the chance. Continuing a troll narrative from over a year ago, Jaden Smith couldn't contain his excitement when he found out the good news, taking to Twitter to congratulate his "boyfriend."

Telling the world that his significant other, Tyler, The Creator, had just won a Grammy Award, Jaden Smith played the role of a proud stage partner on social media. In the Fall of 2018, the two made tons of headlines when they jokingly announced that they were dating. Fans attempted to unpack their messages to determine if they were actually speaking the truth and, to this day, things have been muddy. 

Perhaps Jaden is next in line to win a Grammy Award. Congratulations to Tyler on his monumental win!