Jaden Smith released his sprawling album, SYRE. The rather dense album has been well-received from our site users, with the bestowing of a VERY HOTTTTT user rating on the album stream, not to mention, the contention and debate among users within our own album review. If you're on the side that thinks young Jaden killed his debut full-length album, then you should be happy with this latest piece of news.

Jaden Smith spoke to Billboard about the album, and elaborated on the album's importance and meaning to him. The album, which apparently took three years to really craft is "the story of me coming to be a young adult, and it wasn't easy at all." In more aloof terms, he says, "It's really just become a legacy of this guy, this kid, who chases the sunset. And then one day, it chases him back and he can't get away." Right.

Continuing from there, he confirms the visual component of SYRE, which he also adds will be unlike Beyonce's visual album Lemonade. He says the film component is "where SYRE's true colors [lie]." Jaden says, "It's an actual film that plays out that has characters. There's no rapping, really, in the whole movie. It's just about the story of Syre." Syre is also Jaden's middle name.

Discussing the album further, Jaden Smith reveals, "I really wanted to be like Kanye and work with a bunch of artists." To that effect, he alludes to an exclusive version of the album for various parts of Asia that will include songs in different languages -- "I'm going to get some of my favorite artists on some songs with me, so that's going to be the start of my K-pop career," he says. He leaves Billboard with these thoughts: "When people think of me, I want them to think of the person that is always giving back to something, or someone."

What do you make of all of Jaden Smith's plans? Were you a fan of the album? Let us know.