When he’s not protesting Donald Trump’s presidency and messing around at Dave & Busters, Jaden Smith is a multi-faceted artist. He’s made rap songs, and apparently also makes visual art in his free time. Lately he’s been leaving his artwork around Los Angeles and telling fans to go find it.

So far, he’s only dropped two art pieces. The first was left outside the Hamilton-Selway Fine Art gallery and found by Kevin Doan, who posted a photo of the find, which seemed to greatly please Jaden. The choice to leave the artwork outside the gallery could be a way for Jaden to protest the insular nature of the art world, or it could be a sign he couldn’t get it into the gallery.

Either way, he left another art piece in Panorama City last week and so far no one has posted proof they nabbed it. It could still be out there. Check out the posts below and pay attention to Jaden’s very woke timeline to catch the next random art drop.