Less than a month after Jaden Smith finally released his solo album SYRE, a project that had been gestating for close to four years, the rapper has announced that a follow-up is on the way and will be reaching the public sooner than many think.

Posting the news yesterday on his Twitter account, Smith revealed that the follow-up, tentatively titled ERYS (which, yes, is SYRE backwards), will be released in 2018. No official date or any other information has been disclosed by Smith or his representatives at the time of this writing, but it is an intriguing move nonetheless. Feeling like it has the potential to be a "leftovers" kind of record, meaning that all the leftovers from the SYRE sessions plus a handful of new songs will be packaged and sent out into the world, fans were quick to react. Some with shock, others with straight-up confusion. Also, there were a lot of backwards jokes.

Smith himself has hinted that ERYS will take on more of a rap album form, whereas SYRE was supposedly his attempt at a record with mostly singing on it. Whatever it ends up being, fans will anxious to hear it and hopeful that it doesn't take a prolonged period of time to make it to the public. He's no Frank Ocean, but Jaden Smith has been known to take his time with the recording process.

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