Battle rap may not be as prevalent in hip hop as it once was, but the art is alive and well. There aren't many mainstream artists who step into a battle rap ring these days, but there are some who still have hopes of going toe-to-lyrical-toe with their opponents. Many moons ago, Jadakiss and 50 Cent were two rappers at odds and The Lox emcee even dropped a few bars targeting Fif. There was a point when Jadakiss offered to battle rap 50 Cent at Madison Square Garden with a winning pot of one million dollars, but the Power mogul respectfully declined.

Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty Images

While they've reconciled their differences in recent years, Jadakiss told HipHopDX that he knows he would have taken home the top prize if the battle would have unfolded. "It's just something I thought of," Jadakiss said. "Battling is therapeutic for hip hop, but you can't take it serious. I mean, you gotta take it serious because when you preparing your material for your opponent, when it affects your heart or when you let it get too personal, that's when it's gonna take away from your vigorous strike. So, you gotta have fun with it use ways to use it to your advantage."

"I felt like that was a walk in the park for me," he added about the potential face-to-face battle with him and 50 Cent. "An easy payday. You asking Floyd to fight somebody that had two fights. Not that same comparison saying Fif only had two fights, but lyrically I thought—especially in the zone that I was in at that time, it was like I hope one of these promoters or one of these fight guys call me and say, 'Yo, we got the money. We need you to come do the weigh-in and sign.' Gotta throw it out there." Watch his clip below.