Fabolous and Jadakiss recently dropped off their long-awaited collaboration album Friday On Elm Street, and set the streets ablaze. Many felt as if the project was an important moment in New York hip-hop, especially in a year that found a young generation making more noise than ever. Today, the veteran emcees hit up The Breakfast Club to chop it up with Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy, and Angela Yee. 

When Envy asks how hard it was for the pair to "work with each other," Fab and Jada hit back with some easy going replies. "He's a cool guy," says Jada. "He's a cool guy to work with, be around." Fab elaborates on the process, revealing that some of the album was done in Yonkers, while some was done in New Jersey." When Envy claims that "Kiss has been known to take a long time to do records," Fab laughs, while a defiant Jada claps back with "let me let the cat out the bag. If I take long, it's cause I don't like you...Most people that feel that way, they did me greasy."

They also reflect on the verses they ended up missing, revealing that Fab was supposed to be on Rick Ross & Nelly's "Here I Am," while Jada was supposed to be on the classic anthem "Mo Money, Mo Problems," sliding in for a fourth verse. And while that never happened, the conversation does shift to Mase, his recent Cam'Ron diss "The Oracle," whether or not he's better looking than Jada, or if he was ever in contention for Bad Boy's top five most lyrical. Charlamagne places Big, Jada, Styles, Sheek, G Dep and Black Rob above him, while Jada and Fab maintain Mase is worthy of a top spot. "You can't put G Dep before Murda," says Jadakiss, while Fabolous stresses that Mase was a lyrical beast. "Bars, we not talking about dance moves and shiny suits," jokes Fab. 

As you can guess, the conversation continues with even more insight into the Mase/Cam'Ron beef, and much more. If you're a fan of either rapper, you should definitely check this out, if only for the camaraderie alone. Be sure to support Fab and Jada's latest project, by hitting the link above.