Although I can't wholeheartedly parse one hidden agenda from the other, Jadakiss' latest Twitter PSA does appear to open old wounds, in the most constructive manner imaginable. Although the general upkeep of his musical career is entrusted with Roc Nation, if Jadakiss were to play God, vis-a-via a young impressionable artist, he'd advise them not to seek a manager or a management consortium like say... his current handlers over at Roc Nation.

"To ALL new up and coming artist if you truly wanna be successful DON’T get a MANAGER you’ll be better off figuring it out as you go !" he Tweeted minutes ago, with no direct correlation to a specific event, incident, or general mishap. Bear in mind, Jada's use of the past tense in the Twitter post does pray tell one thing in particular: his advice doesn't speak to his veteran status in the game, that much is implicit.

In fact, it would seem that Jadakiss has accounted for the ways with which the modern artist, label type, and A&R, all operate in modern times. The old heads will recall hearing of the messy Lox vs. Bad Boy dispute that ended with Jadakiss and cie. demanding their imminent release after months of stalling in neutral.

Evidently, both The Lox and Diddy have come to terms with the standstill, and have even grown to become friends/drinking buddies in recent years. That said, if you were looking for an explanation behind Jada's unsolicited Tweet, look no further than mid-90s New York where "Let The LOX Go" t-shirts began promulgating on the streets with the gravitas of the "Free Tibet" or a sovereign battle of equivalent valor or strength (in numbers).

Who knows what The Lox could have made of themselves between 1997-1999, when they were, for all intents and purposes, at the height of their powers, and not yet jaded by the doings and happenings of the entertainment industry at large.