Jada Pinkett Smith was recently on vacation with her family, living her best hot girl summer with her husband and children. Seemingly the vacation is over and Jada has headed to London to chat about her Facebook series Red Table Talk and how her fourties has brought on new happiness and comfort in her life. 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

"It's just kind of that transition. You have to do things much differently in the second half of life as you realize that you need different things to be happy," the 47-year-old explained. "I'm in a really good place professionally and personally. This programme (Red Table Talk) has really helped my personal self-growth as well."

Jada continued to detail to Lorraine how the show depicts the kind of communication "we all desire and want to have."

"There are so many people that said, "Oh my goodness we're doing the same thing in our family! Having authentic conversations is what our show is about, as well as us sharing our own experiences and struggles and how we've navigated through them," she said. So far Red Table Talk is sitting at two seasons with 37 episodes. With how popular and beloved the show is we can only hope for a third season with even more guests and groundbreaking conversations.