Jada Pinkett Smith is #goals in so many ways. She seems to be doing the marriage thing pretty well and she raised talented kids while sustaining the relevance of her own career. These are a few reasons why people tend to listen to this entertainer's advice when she decides to dish it.

Today, she shared some wisdom with her fans from an exercise machine. Whether she was rocking her workout from a step master or an elliptical machine became irrelevant as her solid abs caused a distraction from the very beginning of the clip. Her inspirational message is transcripted after the jump. In the meantime, here is her svelte body.

"Today I'm reading a book that has pulled me through different stages in my life in so many ways...and specifically when I lost myself when I became a mother. This book helped me learn the power of being a woman. This book helped me understand the necessity to trust the beauty of feminine energy. And this book has helped me find my way."

The book Jada speaks of is Clarissa Pinkola Estés' Women Who Run With The Wolves. Pinkett describes how her audiobooks have been helpful because of the quality of the author's spoken voice as much as her written word.

"Her voice has brought me through many tumultuous nights [...] I consider her the mother of young adult women and women who are in desperate times."

Her multitasking sure looks good and is likely to help some of her following keep on keeping on.