Jada Pinkett Smith is giving us all the inspiration we need today, after sharing a meme that details how the three generations of women in her family are all doing their part to work towards a healthier family dynamic. In the photo, Jada, her mother, Adrienne, and her daughter, Willow, are all posing side-by-side, while different phrases describes how each of them have been affected by their familial trauma. The post notes how Jada's mother "did the best she could with what she knew," while Jada is currently "going to therapy, healing, and forgiving." Willow, on the other hand, is going to "break the cycle" of passing down harmful and toxic generational curses.

This openness about the issues within Jada's family and how they are working to "break the cycle" hardly comes as a surprise. Jada, Adrienne, and Willow regular speak about their relationships toward each other as mothers and daughters on Red Table Talk. The show has always provided a space for these women and any of their guests to speak openly about virtually anything that's plaguing them.

Jada Pinkett Smith Willow Smith Adrienne Banfield-Jones Red Table Talk generational cycle three generations family mother daughter memeGilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Most recently, Snoop Dogg paid a visit to the table to discuss the comments he made toward Gayle King regarding her question about Kobe Bryant during an interview. During the episode, Jada told Snoop that his remarks made her "heart drop," explaining how she felt personally targeted by his words. Following the airing of the episode, Jada received some backlash for how she handled the whole situation, some accusing her of guilting and manipulating Snoop into apologizing.