The Smith family basically runs Hollywood at this point. They've carefully infiltrated a number of different areas within the entertainment industry, including music, acting, modelling, fashion design, and much more. Jaden Smith has even been peddling a water filtration service in Flint, Michigan, ensuring that people can always have access to pure drinking water. They've got the resources to become positive influences in our lives and, with her Red Table Talk video series, Jada Pinkett Smith has done just that. She regularly uses her platform to promote good causes, inviting people to her home to chat about topics that may be considered taboo. Nothing is off-limits at the red table. Jada has had T.I. on the show after the hymen-gate controversy, she spoke to Jordyn Woods when she was the Kardashian's mortal enemy, and more. While she is an advocate for living in the present, she sometimes likes to take a look back to her past, especially if it pertains to her family.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Being the final Flashback Friday of the decade, Jada Pinkett Smith wanted to end things with a bang. She went all the way back to 1998 at the MTV Video Music Awards, posting a picture of herself rocking a low-cut black tuxedo jacket with just a bra underneath. Months before the shot was taken, she had given birth to Jaden. Clearly, she bounced back quickly because, oh lord, she's looking outstanding here.

These days, Jada is looking just as amazing as she did twenty years ago. The woman just does not age. Check out the throwback below.