Jada Pinkett Smith has been dropping off lots of clips and trailers for the upcoming season of her Facebook series, Red Table Talk. So far we know that her husband Will Smith will be joining in on an episode to talk about "historical rumours" surrounding their marriage like swinging and Scientology. We have also been informed that during a period of their marriage, Jada cried for 45 days straight. 

Jada recently chatted with Bossip ahead of the season premiere and clarified that the days of crying was not due to Will, despite what people may think. “It wasn’t about him,” she said. “It’s really misleading. I wasn’t crying because of Will. I was crying because I had created a life for myself where I wasn’t happy. It wasn’t him.”

“We talk about this a lot in the episode, so maybe I’ll save it because I don’t want to give away too much,” she added on the topic of feeling like she let down her family as a wife and mother. “I won’t say disappointed because I always knew that I’m not really built as a conventional wife, and you’ll find out more about that when you see the episode.”

Peep the latest trailer here and catch the new episode on the official Facebook page.