Jada Pinkett Smith believes the bond between her and husband Will Smith is unshakable, effectively nullifying any tabloid fodder about a potential split between the two. 

"Here is the thing about Will and I, we are family, that is never going down. It’s just not," she proclaims with an unyielding sense of assuredness. 

The Girls Trip star and her Fresh Prince of Bel-Air hubby have been married since 1997 and share two children together, Jaden, 19, and Willow, 17. 

"We are family,” Pinkett Smith insisted. “Take out all that whole marriage, relationship crap, at the end of the day Will and I are family. I am going to hold him down, doesn’t matter. All that relationship and what people think ideas of a husband, partner and all that, man whatever. At the end of the day that is a man that can rely on me for the rest of his life period."

The pair's bond is so resilient, that Smith periodically vacations with ex-wife Sheree and their son Trey, as the trio recently visited Jordan and Israel together. "I feel as though Trey needs to feel that dynamic between his two parents,” she shared. “That’s very important that he can feel that connection and feel where they do meet. So he can feel that parental connection. I think that’s important."