There were plenty of emotional, vulnerable moments on Monday's episode of Red Table Talk with guests Demi Moore and her daughters, Rumer and Tallulah Willis. The group of women talked about addiction, insecurities, and co-dependency, but during the conversation, Jada admitted that there was a point when she struggled with dealing with Willow's emotions.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

"Back in the day, if I would be crying or have an upset, the energy was always like, 'Take that somewhere else. Take that somewhere else and deal with it on your own," Willow shared. Jada confirmed that she was distancing herself from her daughter, but it was a reflection of how she was handling herself. "Yeah, because that’s how I was treating myself," Jada said. "I didn’t want to be with my own feelings."

It was only when Jada went through a healing process of her own did she truly realize that she was keeping Willow's hurt, pain, and anxieties at arm's length, hindering her growth process. "As we come into our softness and vulnerability, there was a time when her tears were so offensive to me. So offensive," Jada said. "Which is why I was like, 'Take that over there. We can’t afford that here.' Not realizing, 'B*tch, you can afford it here. You’re not in Baltimore anymore. You absolutely can afford that here.' But I have to confront [the] fact that I denied her that, and I have to confront the fact that I can give it to her now and I can nurture now." Watch the episode below.