The self-proclaimed King of R&B isn't done showing off just yet. Jacquees was feeling himself even more recently when he got a homie to videotape him and his new Louis Vuitton bag that he had to buy because of the rose on it. Along with his boujee bag and stacked walk-in closet, the "B.E.D." singer showed off even more by letting his thousands of followers see his hidden (not anymore) safe that's literally filled to the brim with stacks of cash. 

"That's a big deal," he says in the video below. We really hope the video doesn't come back to haunt the singer by showing the Internet where he keeps his hard earned cash. Numerous replies to the tweet even chimed in on the matter, referencing Safaree Samuels on The Breakfast Club when he was crying about getting robbed, foreshadowing that kind of future for Jacquees. 

With other tweets like this one:


Not too long ago, Jacquees explained his self-given King Of R&B title detailing how his debut album is proof of his throne. 

"Like from the intro all the way to the end. Even the R&B artists that I put on it...I feel like I kind of opened the door for R&B, for real, because everybody was kind of playing around with it," he explained. "Like, there's Trap R&B -- and no disrespect to none of that, 'cause I like all that shit, I'm a fan of it and I do some of that shit -- but for my album, I didn't. This was strictly R&B."