Jacquees caught flack last week after he claimed to be the king of R&B -- a claim he seems to still stand by. In a year filled with great R&B, it's hard to ignore the fact that Jacquees delivered one of the best R&B albums of the year with 4275. In a recent profile with Billboard, the singer explained why he felt that 4275 "opened up the whole door for the real R&B sound."

Jacquees explained why he felt that he had one of the best albums among male R&B artists of this generation. Although there's been an influx of male R&B acts to emerge in recent times, Jacquees explained that he feels that his album brought back the traditional R&B sound back.

"Like from the intro all the way to the end. Even the R&B artists that I put on it...I feel like I kind of opened the door for R&B, for real, because everybody was kind of playing around with it," he explained. "Like, there's Trap R&B -- and no disrespect to none of that, 'cause I like all that shit, I'm a fan of it and I do some of that shit -- but for my album, I didn't. This was strictly R&B."

He explained that when he searches for the "real R&B sound," he mainly listens to artists like H.E.R and Ella Mai and other female artists, but the male R&B acts aren't bringing that same feeling.

"I thought about who was dropping, because when I listen to R&B right now, I listen to a lot of females like H.E.R., Ella Mai and shit like that. When I listen to dudes, I listen to a lot of old cats," he said. "I still fuck with 6LACK and everybody like that in my generation, but [there's] nothing that's like the real feeling."

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