Jacquees was seen getting escorted out of Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport yesterday where a video sees him pleading his case claiming they just arrested him for singing. “I’m getting locked up for no reason. I’m getting locked up because the police said I flicked them off. I did not touch the police one time. I was singing in the airport. The police said I could not sing," he said in handcuffs.

TMZ now has more on the arrest, and documents say the "Come Thru" singer was detained for disorderly conduct due to an altercation with a traveller at baggage claim. Apparently, the police got involved and told both men to go their separate ways, but Jacquees didn't listen. The officer claims Jacquees said "fuck you" repeatedly, and even told him "You're just a white boy with a badge. I don't have to listen to you." 

That same officer followed the singer out to his car where he was finally detained. He was eventually released and made it to his headlining spot at the “Mother’s Day Affair." He posted a video to his Instagram story saying you've got "plead your case" or get stuck in jail.