Jacquees has a reputation to behold -- his remix campaign can be upsetting to those he inadvertently chooses to upstage. Take his most recent "remix" of Ella Mai's follow-up single "Trip" into account, a respectable song in its own right, which he then chose to remix. The only issue is that Jacquees' "Quemix" seems to have outperformed the original on select streaming platforms, which in turn caused Ella Mai to him send a cease and desist order. For his troubles, Jacquees was asked to pull the "remix" from all platforms, though he's yet to earn a penny from its "chart progression." 


Jacquee's version, like others with the "Quemix" tag, aggressively goes into more graphic detail. When Ella suggests "unlocking the safety to her heart," she is merely warming up to the idea of falling back in love. Jacquees dismisses both her sentimentality and her use of euphemistic language. "I gotta ride with my gun on safety so I don't go shootin' where yo n*** be," he sings without reproach.



There's a marked difference or edge in competition between Jacquees and the cautious approach ushered by the original singer. Ellai's cease and desist order has generated quite the debate over "remixing," with the majority split in two factions depending on their allegiance to either camp.