Jacquees can’t seem to catch a break. Sunday evening, video surfaced of the Cash Money crooner in handcuffs and being escorted out of Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport. In the clip, Jacquees spots the person filming and decidedly pleads his case before anyone else gets to tell the story.

As he exits the airport doors he begins, “I’m getting locked up for no reason. I’m getting locked up because the police said I flicked them off. I did not touch the police one time. I was singing in the airport. The police said I could not sing.”

At one point, he is taken out of the camera’s line of sight as he continues and asks the person filming to “bring the camera closer please.”

He adds: “I did not do nothing to an officer,” before he and a couple of officers disappear into the airport’s police station.

Jacquees is in Milwaukee to headline the “Mother’s Day Affair” concert in the city. But, it looks like his detainment didn’t last for long as he popped up in the comment section of The Shade Room, where the video was uploaded and penned, “Milwaukee tonight!!!”

He also appeared in his Instagram stories free as a bird in a video where he is having a conversation with someone off-camera explaining that you've got "plead your case" or get stuck in jail.

He goes on to clarify that when the police officers said he "couldn't sing," it was not in the context that he wasn't talented enough to sing. "That's full cap," he asserts.

This isn’t Que’s first run-in with the law. It was back in March that he was arrested in South Beach Miami after failing to obey a lawful command during a traffic stop that occurred because of his failure to wear a seat belt. It also doesn’t happen to be his first incident involving an airport. Last summer he was kicked off a Delta flight in his hometown of Atlanta when the aircraft was forced to return to the gate after he didn’t hang up his cellphone as is the usual protocol.

At the moment, no official details are available on the circumstances surrounding the singer's detainment and if it led to any charges, but it's good to know that it ended in a relatively more positive note.