Jacquees and his girlfriend Dreezy were involved in a physical altercation with a man during a recent vacation in Mexico. After the man allegedly punched Dreezy in the face, Jacquees "body-slammed" him to the ground and stomped him out. Following the altercation, the man involved in the fight claims they started arguing after he allegedly refused to sell the couple weed. He also claimed that the couple tried to purchase cocaine from him, which Jacquees is denying.

Addressing the allegations briefly during his latest session on Instagram Live, Jacquees said that he doesn't use cocaine. "Nah, my boy. We don't do that one," said the singer, responding to a fan who asked if he takes coke. "You dig? Give a fuck what you heard. Give a fuck what a n***a talkin' 'bout. We ain't on that one, kid. I don't even address shit like that but I must address you, fly boy."

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Dreezy previously told her side of the story, explaining what happened after a video of their fight went viral on social media. She said that she threw her shoe at the man after security held her back from getting involved.

Watch Jacquees address the cocaine use allegations below and let us know what you think.