Jacquees put the entire culture on alert after he made the polarizing statement that declared himself as the "King of R&B." The sentiment was taken seriously by almost everyone with a name, with celebrities from Snoop Dogg and Diddy down to Tyrese and Birdman loaning their opinions to the argument. A video of Jacquees stepping in front of Keith Sweat to declare his kingdom went viral on Monday (December 17). “This the king from back then. I’m the king for right now. This Keith Sweat. Big Sweat. But, it’s Big Que," gloated Jacquees in front of the legend. Now, he's taking a step back to pay proper homage. 

Alongside Tank and Big Tigger, Jacquees and Keith Sweat spoke on the situation. "I'm the King of R&B. You know we just got into an argument," jokes Jacquees while pointing at Sweat. "Bro finna try to whoop me or something," he continued. Sweat went on to explain that he was run up on by a cameraman, who asked him the "King of R&B" question. He was going to respond that he's the king of getting the bag before Jacquees heard the conversation and jumped in to interrupt. "So, I'm sorry," Jacquees relented.  It looks like the younger generation had to take a step back and pay respect.