Jacquees & Lil Baby Put Their French Skills To Good Use In "Your Peace"

Devin Ch
May 03, 2019 18:12

The "Your Peace" video shows us "the before and after" of a fully-optimized R&B Thug like Jacquees.

Lil Baby's been spreading like a germ on these features in 2019. Normally it would be inadvisable to spread yourself so thin with relative unknowns, but in Baby's case, the gambit hasn't had an effect on his public perception. One of the better features he took on this year is now a fully-fledged music video. The 90s-inspired "Your Peace" starring Jacquees in the role of a confused lover, finds both men on the cusp of understanding their contrarian relationship to setting boundaries.

Lil Baby dwells in a neighboring constellation from Jacquees, where the simple metrics of rapping over singing doesn't allow for the same degree of softness (in appeal). The video itself is conventional if not pleasing. Jacquees posts up in front of a private residence mouthing the words to his song, before jetting off in a convertible, the scene of the video's very first domestic squabble.

Due to a scheduling conflict, Lil Baby didn't shoot his part in the same locale. In fact, his apparition on a levitating chair reads like a temporal anomaly, within my grasp of the ordinary. With or without a video to its credit, "Your Peace" is easily at the top of the "Best Of" mainstream R&B discussion at the quarter mark of 2019. Hit us with your thoughts down below.

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