Jackass comedian, Rip Taylor, also known as ''The Confetti King'' was reported dead this past Sunday in Beverly Hills, by his publicist Harlan Boll. 

Rip Taylor's unique and joyful humour was profound, and in some ways revolutionary. From comedy specials to game shows, the flamboyant comedian was constantly surprising the public, and creating new ways to look at comedy by just improvising and being himself. One of his most memorable big-screen appearances was in the 1993 motion picture, Wayne's World 2.

He is known for throwing confetti, which initially began as an accident. In an interview for the Classic Television Showbiz, the comedian describes his dull experience on the Merv Griffin show doing prop. The jokes were evidently not up to his standards-- he found them ''dumb" so he decided to cut up the joke cards and throw them away like confetti. When the scene first reached the masses, it blew up and became in some way his trademark, expected at the end of every performance. 

Although he typically kept his personal life private, he unknowingly opened doors for many gay comedians and actors in Hollywood, at a time when it hadn't yet been accepted across television screens.

He didn't expect to be remembered by name, as he was often known more through his physical comedy - throwing confetti, crying, performing at strip clubs, and so on.  

Today, we honour Rip Taylor, as the revolutionary and outlandish comedian he was. May he rest in peace, and may his family find strength in the good memories, as he lives on eternally through them. 


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