The White Stripes former lead singer Jack White simply doesn't get what DJ Khaled does. He doesn't get the whole major key thing and he really doesn't get his chart-topping track "Wild Thoughts" with Bryson Tiller and Rihanna. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone the musician brings up Khaled and Santana’s 1999 classic "Maria Maria."

"It's just Santana's song in its entirety," Jack tells the publication, and in a seemingly sarcastic manner, he continues: "It was nice of DJ Khaled to sit down and write and perform and record that – that was good of him! He's an incredibly talented man. There's no doubt about that. He does so much!"

During Khaled's Grammy performance, he stated: “They said I’d never perform at the Grammys. They played themselves”.

In response to that, Jack says: "Really? Like, ‘Hey, man, like, I know you’re headed to lunch, but I just wanted to let you know that you’ll never be on the Grammys!'”

For the record, Santana did respond to Khaled's remix of his song only saying positive things. ""Maria Maria" was and will always be that feel-good summer song that speaks to women, and "Wild Thoughts" is an extension of that summer song vibe that is timeless," Santana said. "I am honored that DJ Khaled, Rihanna and Bryson felt the intense intentionality of "Maria Maria" and have shared this summer vibe with the world.”