Shortly after attorney Aaron Schlossberg was caught making racially-charged remarks whilst ordering take-out from a dining establishment in New York City, another irate customer dining at a Texas Jack In The Box location was filmed spewing similarly hateful sentiments. 

In the video, which has since gone viral, the unidentified male appears to be frustrated over a coupon for a free hamburger. A manager approached the situation and asked the man what was wrong, who then accused the employee of refusing to accept his son's voucher. "She told my son no. She lied her ass off. She thought she could get away with it," the man loudly exclaimed. 

The manager on duty tried his best to settle the dispute, which effectively resulted in the customer storming off. However, the disgruntled man made a point of telling the employee that she was "going to get fired," before saying "Goodbye Maria. Buy you a ticket back to Mexico."

Peep the video down below: