Lou Williams is being forced to self-quarantine after a video shared by rapper Jack Harlow showed him in the strip club, shortly after he left the NBA Bubble to deal with a personal matter. Becoming the talk of NBA Twitter, Lou Williams is now the subject of memes galore and even Jack Harlow is getting involved.

In the most low-key manner, Jack Harlow both stood in solidarity with the Los Angeles Clippers star and laughed at him in one fell swoop.

"LA vibes," wrote the rapper, who currently occupies the #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. In the picture, he wears Lou Williams' jersey, proudly showing it off by pointing at the name in the back.

The hoops star's trip to Magic City has been a major topic of conversation for the last week, which included him trading shots with Kendrick Perkins

In Lou Williams' defense, he says that he was just at the club to get some hot wings but, if we're being honest, nobody really believes that. You can't fault the man... prior to his departure from the Bubble, he had been spending lots of time by himself in his hotel room. Thankfully, he doesn't appear to have contracted the virus because, in the latest batch of test results, there were still zero positive results.