According to ESPN, The Chicago Bulls are looking to add Jabari Parker to their young roster. The former 2nd overall has impressed when he's been healthy, but unfortunately incidence of injury far outweigh his time on the court. The potential for greatness is still possible, but with every passing day, a shred of optimism passes through the drain. Hopefully 2018-2019 can be the year he establishes himself in the bigs, if not with a different club than the Milwaukee Bucks.

League sources seem to indicate that an "offer sheet" deal could be signed as soon as Sunday, at which point the Milwaukee Bucks would have 48 hours to match the figures and term presented before them. Based on their actions in the past, Milwaukee would likely pass on the opportunity to extend their restricted free agent. It has been reported that team officials have even discussed the possibility of pulling the qualifying offer they presented to him and his agent back in June.

If Parker were to rebound well from injury and take the necessary steps in his development, the Bull's decision to poach would rank as one of the shrewdest moves in NBA history, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Jabari Parker suffered two different ACL tears in his career and he's only 23. My hopes and desires are with Parker bucking the trend.