"Could somebody please find Ja Rule? Get hold of this motherfucka, so I can make sense of all this!" The eternal words of Dave Chappelle ring true yet again, in the midst of a full-scale chicken debate, the likes of which the world has never seen. For days now, people have been locked in a tumultuous discourse, incapable of finding common ground on one simple topic: which chicken chain reigns supreme in the realm of the Spicy Sandwich, Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes?

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

As the debate ravaged on, many took to expressing their sentiments by way of memes. The favorite format tends to cast Chick-Fil-A as reserved, eloquent, and classy, while Popeyes represents the "blissfully ignorant," the salt-of-the-earth, the mischevious. Of course, both sides hold water, and drawing a conclusion is no easy task. At least, until now.

Ja Rule has officially weighed in. Using a heated confrontation between Soulja Boy and Famous Dex as the backdrop, Rule cast Chick-Fil-A as Dexter and Popeyes as the more animated Soulja Boy. Though it's unclear what position he's opting to take, we can infer, given Soulja's status as a modern-day legend, where his loyalty may ultimately lie. Are you among the thousands of people partaking in the great Chicken head-to-head of '19?