It looks like Ja Rule might be trying to get back into the festival space again. TMZ caught up with Ja outside LAX on Thursday and spoke to him about the wildly-popular FYRE documentaries and his new app, Iconic, which he says he wants to throw a music fest for.

When asked, Ja admitted that he hasn’t watched either of the FYRE documentaries because he lived it and that he takes the disaster of FYRE Festival very serious. He said was heartbroken at what happened. However despite the negative impact these documentaries may have had, Ja Rule is back in the tech space and launching another new app called Iconic, which is similar to the Fyre- app for booking acts & artists.

Well what’s crazy is that Ja wants to throw a music festival for his app to promote it, not realizing the damage the documentaries on Netflix & Hulu have probably done. “I have plans to create the Iconic music fest, but you didn’t hear it from me,” Ja smiles and says while walking away from the TMZ cameraman.

Check out the clip (below) and let us know your thoughts. Would you attend another Ja Rule festival after watching FYRE?