It hasn't been a secret that Ja Rule and 50 Cent are not friends. The two have been at each other's throats for years and lately, there have been no signs of things quelling. Things took a turn last week when Fiddy bought 200 tickets to Ja Rule's upcoming concert with one sole reason: for the show to be empty. The move was hilarious and incredibly petty, garnering responses from Ja and his associate Ashanti. The situation was brought up on Saturday Night Live but Ja's fans will remain loyal until the end. According to the artist, they engaged in a "fuck 50 Cent" chant during his recent show. 

Ja posted a photo from his San Antonio concert, praising his fans for making it a memorable experience. He goes on to note that one of the show's highlights shocked him quite a bit. "The fuck @50cent chant was a pleasant surprise," wrote the rapper. Ja has been on the quieter side of his feud against 50, responding when he feels like it. He's likely happy that his fans will do most of the talking for him. 

One thing's for sure: the chants will be much quieter when the 200 front-row seats in the house are empty. Whose side are you on in this neverending beef?