Ja Rule isn't done talking about why he won't battle 50 Cent. The New York rapper previously said during an interview with Hot 97 over the weekend that battling 50 Cent would be tantamount to cultural disrespect. 

Rule said at the time that he would never back down from a battle, but continued to say: "I don't know if me and him can do that. I don't know if that would work. Just for respect of the culture. I would never want to disrespect the culture and let me and his little thing get into the love and respect of what Versuz has brought to the culture, for each other’s catalog and the artistry. I would never want to tarnish that."

Now, we have clips from another recent IG live session Ja Rule did with Kenny Burns, and once again, 50's name makes it way into the conversation as discussion of a potential battle returns.

Before we dive in, it's worth noting that it was Ja who proposed the battle in the first place. He even insinuated that Fif was scared to go hit-for-hit with him, but he's singing a bit of a different tune now.

In the conversation on Live, that you can catch a piece in the clip below, Ja says, "He likes to talk dirty. There's no way we could be casual, cordial." 

"He likes to be petty and silly, so it couldn't happen. There's only been one [battle] that's a little sideways," Ja said, continuing, "And that's how Swizz and them want it," he said referring to Swizz's IG battle series, Versuz.

We'll keep you posted on whatever happens with the 50 Cent vs Ja Rule IG battle.