The age old rap beef between 50 Cent and Ja Rule has evolved into a meme war. Perhaps devolved would be more appropriate. Either way, the battlefield has moved from studio to Instagram, better known as 50's home turf. 

It started yesterday, when Ja moved to reignite the age old feud, alluding to "Loose Change" as the most disrespectful diss record of all time. Being one of the main recipients of the diss, 50 Cent wasted little time in clapping back, ridiculing Ja's involvement in the maligned Fyre Festival fiasco, which led to the worst on-island experience since the Dharma Initiative got purged on the hit series Lost. Many observers automatically reverted back to their original stances, with the narrative that 50 ended Ja's career in full effect. While the impact of Shady/Aftermath's assault is certainly up for discussion, it would appear Ja is not about to let this one slide.

Taking a page out of 50's playbook, Rule hit IG with a meme of his own. The picture centered around 50 Cent's turn as a cancer patient in the movie Things Fall Apart, which led to a weight loss worthy of Christian Bale in The Machinist. The end result, however, was far less critically acclaimed - a fact not lost on Ja. "50 thought he was winning an Oscar when he took this role. Shit went straight to BET Blackbuster cinema." He concludes with the mic drop, sending 50's catchphrase back at him. Get the strap.