50 Cent has been raising eyebrows more than ever over the last few months. In recent interviews, the NY rapper took every opportunity he could to take shots at his former G-Unit crew, only to reunite with them onstage at Summer Jam last night. The set was just another reminder that Fif's constant trolling is generally a tool to promote himself in some way (his flubbed pitch at last week's Mets game looking more and more like another example of such).

As he stood united with his usually feuding crew, 50 made sure that the night did not go by without someone's feathers being ruffled, as he launched into G-Unit's 2003 track, "I Smell Pussy", which takes aim at Ja Rule and Murder Inc.

Ja Rule was released from a 2 year prison sentence last May, and seemed to be ready to bury the hatchet with Fif as a newly free man. However, the rapper quickly took the bait after hearing 50's song choice, taking to Twitter and revealing a very strong emoji game for someone who was locked up for much of the iPhone era.

Ja suggested that Fif was obsessed with him, and gave it up for the shooter who left the rapper with 9 gunshot wounds at the beginning of his career. Take a look at his tweets below.