The recent Fyre Festival coverage has been extensive, to say the least. Between a pair of extensive documentaries on both Netflix and Hulu, nary a stone has gone unturned. Least of all the "BJ heard round the world," which stemmed from a disturbing story told by event planner Andy King. As King tells it during Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, he was ready and willing to take one for the team. And by take one for the team, I mean give fellatio for water.

While the story only serves to emphasize how much of a shit-show the entire festival was, many have come to view King as something of a folk-hero. Case in point, several networks have already approached King with opportunities, none of which involve the bartering of oral sex. Yet as Dave Chappelle once said, "can somebody please find Ja Rule, get a hold of this motherfu*ker so I can make sense of all this!"

TMZ actually caught up with Rule, who has yet to have actually watched the documentary. Still, he did catch up with Andy's shenanigans. "It's a very crazy situation," he says, grinning. "Andy's got a show or some shit Good for Andy, man. It was such a crazy situation, such a bad situation, if any good comes out of it, good for whoever's involved. I would love to see a lot of good come from this now."

Upon being asked about any lessons learned, Ja takes a moment to reflect. "For any young visionary, entrepreneur out there, I would tell them just be hands-on with your stuff. If it's your baby and you want to create something for the world to see, make sure you see it through. You're the CEO of the company, even if you're not an experienced CEO, it's okay to make some mistakes along the way. That's what I learned along the way."