Ja Rule recently got dismissed from the ongoing Fyre Festival lawsuits and now he's pulled in another win since the lawsuit a maid dragged him into has been dismissed. As we previously posted, Ja Rule (born Jeffrey Atkins) was sued by Josselyn Berniz in 2015 when she slipped and fell outside his New Jersey home after a light snowfall. Josselyn alleged that she was “permanently injured" from the fall and even pulled her own husband into the case who testified that she wasn't able to do her usual duties at home due to her injury. 

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Ja Rule countersued after Josselyn pulled the rapper's mother, children and mother-in-law in the case. He accused her of forming a “harassment (tactic) designed to browbeat the Atkins into (a) settlement.” Case in point, Ja Rule believed Josselyn was trying to commit fraud and according to Bossip, a judge in the matter seemingly thought the same since the case has been dismissed. 

According to the publication, the case was supposed to go to trial next month but a judge sided with Rule's motion for summary judgment and agreed he was not being negligent when it came to his property and how he handled the snowfall. Under state law, homeowners aren't responsible for clearing snow until after it stops snowing, therefore, Josselyn's slip was an unfortunate accident and she made the call to work knowing the weather and possible danger.