If you want new music from Ja Rule, you better start following him on social media because that's the only way it's coming. However, even if you do click that follow button, you'll probably be waiting a long time. Rule has been caught up in legal drama throughout the last few years and the failed Fyre Festival only helped to further the issues. Despite it all, he's still been finding time to hop in the lab and cook up some of the classic fire we're used to from him. His collaborations with Ashanti are iconic, still in our heads after all these years, but he may have found a new partner-in-crime to make hits with.

Ja Rule wrote that he would be dropping a new single with Kehlani once he reaches a million followers on either Twitter or Instagram. While we're excited about the prospect of hearing a Rule x Lani mix, it doesn't appear that the rapper has plans on dropping it anytime soon if that's his goal. The New York artist currently has 216K followers on Twitter and on Instagram, he's got 670K. Unless he can gather 340K followers before the end of the year, it's almost guaranteed that we'll have to wait a while for this collaboration to see the light of day.

If Ja Rule were Beyonce or Justin Bieber, he could make those numbers up pretty quickly. However, this might be another promotional tactic that just doesn't work out for him.