It seems that Ja Rule typically only pops up in headlines for bad reasons. Whether it's his ongoing feud with 50 Cent or his disastrous Fyre Festival last year. However, today is different. The rapper may not be in the limelight as he once was but he wants to make sure his voice is heard and helps others along the way. The rapper has joined the protest, along with hundreds of others, against New York City's poor living conditions for public housing.

Ja Rule joined hundreds of protesters in NYC to protest against the New York City Housing Authorities for leaving people with horrendous living conditions. The NYCHA has been accused of doing a poor job at handling tenants' complaints, not providing heat or hot water during the winter season and more. Ja took to the podium to address the issues with his fellow New Yorkers in attempt to fight back.

"I'm here to bring light to the situation. It's been going on for a long time and it's time for we, the people, to stand up and let our voices be heard." He said, "City Hall, New York City, the Mayor, the Governor they should all be ashamed of themselves. These are Americans, New Yorkers, living in third world conditions and it should not be this way." 

The rapper continued to say that they need to also focus on NYC's education system but before that, there must be change for those living in these type of conditions. 

"Let’s come out and let’s fight this cause first. Let’s shut this city down. We ain’t paying no more rent until this situation is dealt with. No heat, no hot water? No money, no rent," he said during the press conference.

Watch the full press conference below with Ja speaking at the 23:30 mark.