Old wounds never truly heal. Such is indeed true for the legendary Ja Rule, who continues to simmer over his beef with 50 Cent. While Fif has indeed buried the hatchet with several previous rivals, Ja has always proved the eternal thorn in his side. Though it has been fifteen years since the Shady/Aftermath/G-Unit vs. Murda Inc war, both parties have occasionally stepped forward to engage in a bit of good-old-fashioned IG mudslinging. Therefore, it's no surprise that Ja Rule has been keeping a watchful eye on his old nemesis, who currently stands embroiled in his most heated feud since, well, Ja Rule. 

Lil Duval clearly came from the Dave Chappelle school of thought, tweeting "I know ja rule loving this Mayweather/50 shit 😂😂😂😂😂 n***a done like everything Mayweather post." A fair observation, to be sure, made all the more hilarious by the fact that Ja actually responded. Though he doesn't exactly issue a statement per se, in this day and age, emojis can speak louder than words. 

Ja confirmed that he is indeed loving the drama, hinting that he has been watching it unfold with popcorn on hand, possibly sharing the occasional handful with Irv Gotti and Cadillac Tah. Sadly for Ja, however, it seems likely that momentum is beginning to change in Fif's favor; the "Get The Strap" innovator has officially gone on the attack, proving once again that he's one of the coldest, most ruthless foes in the game.

At least we know who Ja is backing.