Ja Rule has not had luck on his side for the last few years. The rapper's failed Fyre Festival made massive headlines after the event, which was promoted as a luxury festival, turned out to be more like a hostage situation. Concertgoers noted the fancy tents that were advertised were not at all as pictured during the lead-up and the delectable choice of food was actually two slices of bread topped with lettuce and a Kraft singles piece of cheese. Additionally, Ja has served time for tax evasion in the past, and it's looking as though he may be in trouble with Uncle Sam again.

According to Bossip, the IRS is alleging that Ja has not paid his taxes from years 2004 to 2015, hitting him with a $400,000 tax lien. The same source is reporting that, as of today, there exists no evidence of Ja attempting to pay any of the $1.7 million he owed in 2013 for tax nonpayment. The rapper has formerly spent time in prison for tax evasion, and he may be buddying up in the pen with DMX soon if he doesn't pay up. DMX was recently sentenced to one year in prison for neglecting to pay his taxes.

Uncle Sam does not play around these days as many big names have fallen victim to the nonpayment of their taxes over the years. 50 Cent is definitely going to have something to say about this given their beef over the years. Pay your taxes, kids!