As of now, Ja Rule has one important mission. Revitalize his public image. With everybody and their mother having watched one of two prominent Fyre Festival documentaries, his status as the most recognizable name has sadly worked against him. Think of all the people associating Fyre with the Ja Rule name? Suffice it to say, the Murda Inc legend has been in the process of doing damage control, and has since returned to the live circuit. Most recently, Ja hit Brazilian soil to hold it down for a concert, sharing an image on Instagram with the caption "I can still feel the love." Unfortunately, one fan in attendance wasn't on the same page. 

In response to Ja's celebratory caption, a fan proceeded to call him out in a lengthy diatribe. "Yeah yeah, all good on social media. Ask anyone who showed up to the "concert," begins the fan. "Performed 7 songs, threw the mic on the floor and left. No one believed he'd just ended the show. Even the security staff was jokin' well that was the fasted show in history, good thing we get to go home soon.' Not good Ja. U already have a reputation, why not start the year w/ good performances and be true w/ yourself about what u post on social media?"

Ja wasted little time in responding, placing a heap of blame on the promoters, who apparently "pay less for shorter performances." You get what you pay's called ShowBusiness for a reason!!" protests Ja. "But thanks for coming out, you all were amazing!!" His words, particularly "you get what you pay for," are particularly poignant in the wake of the Fyre Festival. A festival where absolutely nobody got what they paid for. Perhaps it's time for Ja to dig into the Venni Vetti Vecci vault. 

John Parra/Getty Images