One of Ja Rule's best hits is "I'm Real" that was released in 2001 with the likes of Jennifer Lopez as a feature. A while back, Ashanti (a frequent collaborator fo Ja Rule) explained how she demoed the track for JLo and some adlibs were left on the beat but Jennifer handled the verse. "They kept some of the backgrounds and ad libs and stuff like that," Ashanti said. "And it was funny, it was bittersweet because I was really excited 'cause it was J.Lo. But I was so mad at Irv. I was like, ‘You know I wanted that record!"

Jemal Countess/Getty Images 

Ja Rule recently made a visit to Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen and he was asked about the latter and if it's true or not. At first, Ja Rule said it's a lie but then his explanation said something different.  

“So I wrote ‘I’m Real’ for Jennifer Lopez,” Ja Ruled said. “And I sung the original version of it as a reference, but I sound terrible, of course. ... Ashanti then sung the reference for Jennifer Lopez.”

He added: “When they mixed down the record, Irv [Gotti] left some of the vocals underneath. … She has some vocals underneath, I believe. And that is the rumor. I don’t even know if it’s really true.”

Watch his full 'explanation' below.