Ja Morant's first three seasons with the Memphis Grizzlies have been incredibly impressive. After winning Rookie Of The Year in 2020, Morant has since led his team to the playoffs, and he continues to put up big numbers on the court. In fact, Morant has turned the Grizzlies into a box office team that is fun to watch night in and night out. Fans love him, and there is no doubt he can become a superstar if he keeps this up.

This year, Morant has been an incredible finisher around the rim, as he is currently the leading scorer in the NBA in that particular area of the court. Considering Morant's size, this stat might be a bit surprising, although there is no doubt that he has the athleticism to get around big and tough defenders.

Ja Morant

Justin Ford/Getty Images

After taking note of this stat on Twitter, Morant decided to take aim at those who doubted him as he came out of college. There were some naysayers who thought that Morant wouldn't be able to cut it against the biggest players in the league, but at this point, they have been proven wrong.

"Coming out of college they were saying "I was too small & wouldn't be able to finish at the rim vs the bigs in the NBA." Looks like I'm doing just fine," he wrote.

Morant has every reason to throw these stats back at those who claimed he wouldn't be the player he is now. While Morant still has time to grow and get better, there is no doubt that he is already one of the best players in the league, and he's barely gotten started.