It appears J. Prince thought Tekashi 6ix9ine was a rat from the beginning. The Rap-A-Lot Records founder spoke with TMZ today and claimed that the “clown” Tekashi is lying about the alleged robbery attempt his guys put on him last year in NYC.

The Houston boss says he's been warning everyone for awhile now that if Tekashi "keeps campaigning with dumb sh*t that he was gonna get elected! Election Day has come and now I’m hearing lies he’s telling under oath about robbing me or representatives of #Rapalot,” he said. "If him or any of those clowns were to try to rob me or anyone from the #Rapalot family bad news would’ve beat them home,” he added.

It was earlier this week during day 2 of 6ix9ine's testimony where he detailed his falling out with former gang, Nine Trey Bloods. Tekashi said he was denied entry to a Houston event in March 2018 by Rap-A-Lot members because he didn't "check in” with them, ultimately costing him money. However that's not entirely true according to J. Prince.

The OG says Tekashi was simply not allowed to his son's party because they didn't want him there. He said: "Let this be a lesson to those who know better to do better because there was never a question mark in my mind that this kid #takashi69  was rat material that’s why my sons didn’t allow him to come into their party. It was never about a rat checking in with us."