J. Prince appeared on BigBoyTV yesterday with the purpose of promoting his book, The Art and Science of Respect, but the conversation ended up turning mostly to the new Drake album and the beef with Pusha T that preceded it. Prince starts from the beginning of his story with Drake, who was introduced to him by his son Jas, then an associate of Lil Wayne. When Jas showed him a Drake song, Prince apparently reacted by saying, "wait a minute man, you like this? This dude singin' all over the place?" His son eventually convinced him of Drake's merits, arguing that Drake was "the new sound." 

Prince also gave some insight into the recent beef between Pusha T and Drake. He apparently cautioned Drake about releasing a retaliatory diss after Pusha T's "The Story of Adidon" outed Drake as a father. When asked by Big Boy about the  "knockout blow" song that Drake has locked up somewhere, waiting for release, Prince corrected him, calling it instead a "career-ending blow" for "the homie Kanye West." He continued by saying that the song crossed a boundary into "affecting one's livelihood" and that it was going too far. Prince also claims to have spoken with Kanye West in a phone call where West told him "I'm a family man...I don't want this." Prince says it was this call that led him to reach out to Drake and convince him that he shouldn't release the career-ending song. 

Watch the full video below: