Jas Prince has been credited for discovering Drake (or at least, he'll happily take the credit), and then connecting Drake with Cortez Bryant and Lil Wayne-- which obviously led to Drizzy joining the YMCMB roster, and going on to have an extremely successful career. While the two haven't always been on good terms, what with Jas suing Drake/YMCMB back in 2012, it seems the family still sides with Drake, as Jas' father J. Prince (Rap-A-Lot Records CEO) has come to Drake's defense in a leaked diss track/rant/short clip.

The Drake vs. Diddy beef may be old news when it comes to the internet, but apparently Prince is still offended by the fact that Diddy slapped Drake, and so he recorded a diss over a beat (it starts off with a Spanish-sounding guitar and gets worse from there). It's basically him just sending out warning shots, with a beat backing him. It's unclear if he's planning to actually release this as a song, or just wanted to stir up some controversy. Not only does he take aim at Diddy, but Lil Wayne gets some too.

"The weak shit from Puffy and Suge is on my radar. First of all Puffy, feeling like he can't put hands on my family, opens the door for his family to be touched. You reap what you sow," James says on the track, before going in on "Suga Bear" too.

Listen to the recording below. Sound off in the comments.